SALES TAX ALERT:  The South Dakota vs. Wayfair Supreme Court ruling created a legal requirement for businesses to collect sales taxes for all states that implement procedures with specific requirements.  These are generally an annual sales volume or transaction count.  Although larger manufacturers normally don't sell direct to consumers, because many will drop ship which creates the same requirement.

Companies now have the statutory requirement to collect sales tax in most if not all states that have established the requirement.  I suspect some others, while perhaps not absolutely necessary, have decided to just implement full tax collection so they don't have to worry about when/if they reach a particular level.  We know 3M Company and NSK America have adopted nationwide implementation (3M has for years due to their widespread national presence.)  Since the law has been in effect for several years, we expect this to proliferate to a large majority of our suppliers in the next few months. 

WHAT THIS MEANS:  We are currently required to charge sales taxes only in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. However, if you are in a hurry for an immediate drop shipment, your local sales tax will probably be included from the manufacturer.  If you are entitled to claim a purchase as tax-exempt, please note this in the checkout comments AND send a copy of your SIGNED sales tax exemption certificate to [email protected]

We are not prepared to calculate sales tax for all of the various tax jurisdictions and suppliers, tracking which charge tax where and which do not.  If you request a drop-shipment, we will need to pass along any tax assessment from vendors on the final invoice unless we have your tax exempt certificate on file.

(Because rules vary widely, we cannot provide any advise regarding tax-exempt status.  Please consult your local accountant and attorney for an accurate determination in your specific circumstances.)